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Coaxial Insert for 5 mm NMR Precision Sample Tube Only
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WGS-5BL $38.81  

•The most versatile and reliable coaxial system available for various NMR experiments.

•General applications include small volume NMR, external referencing or locking and magnetic susceptibility determination.

•Ideal for variable temperature studies, all parts are made from Pyrex® glass.

Note: Outer tube must be ordered separately based on magnetic field strength.

Note: This product is only compatible to be used with Wilmad-LabGlass 7 inch Precision NMR Sample tubes 506-PP to 542-PP

Fits Outer Tube (mm): 5
Stem Height (mm): 50
Stem OD (mm): 2.0
Inner Capacity (microL): 60
Outer Capacity (microL): 530
Use with: 506-PP to 542-PP

The upper section of each insert fits snugly into the outer tube, much like a syringe plunger fits in its barrel. The stem is held straight within 0.013mm. Order the outer tube separately.

NOTE: #521- caps are 100 or 1000 pk). Cap with hole #521-99010153-100 (100 pk).