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NMR Reaction Monitoring System, 7" Bottom Tube Length
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WG-RMS-7 $271.06  
Designed to monitor reactions from start to finish, the Wilmad-LabGlass Reaction Monitoring System is a two-chamber borosilicate glass NMR tube that allows for in-tube mixing. The system features an inner chamber with a Teflon® tip that when secured creates a positive seal separating solutions until the user is ready to mix.
  • Allows for acquisition of both pre-mix and post-mix spectra
  • In situ mixing of solutions provides a clear ‘before and after’ reaction picture
  • Enables specific reaction endpoint determination
  • Eliminates variables and reduces risk of contamination during experiments
  • May allow for capture of initial kinetic data points in benchtop spectrometers where the upper portion of the sample tube is accessible
  • Permits researchers to run reaction experiments without specialized instruments or equipment
  • Includes an extra black phenolic cap with a white rubber liner for the outer tube allowing for easy sample storage
  • Made from Type 1, Class A Borosilicate Glass

NOTE: Not for use in spinning experiments. The black phenolic cap used during mixing does not have a liner and should always be kept in a vertical position.

INSTRUCTIONS: can be downloaded HERE  

Mhz Rating: 600
Outer Tube OD: 5mm
Inner Tube OD: 3mm
Thread Size: 15mm OD
Tube Length: 7 inches
Overall Length: 8.75" collapsed, 15.75" extended
INSTRUCTIONS: can be downloaded HERE