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Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus 500mL
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LG-6900-108 $462.42  

Used for the continuous extraction of solids with a suitable solvent. Units are supplied complete with flat bottom boiling flask, Soxhlet extractor and Allihn condenser.

The extractor capacity shown is the solvent volume held in the extractor to the top of the siphon tube. The siphon tube is protected from accidental damage by the vapor tube. Extractor has a outer joint at the top for connection to the condenser and a inner joint at the bottom for connection to the flat bottom boiling flask.

Soxhlet extraction apparatus uses cellulose, glass microfiber or fritted glass extraction thimbles (not supplied).

Note: Items marked CALL may have limited availability.

Supplied: Complete
Extractor Capacity (mL): 200
Thimble O.D. x Length mm: 45 x 130
Joints Condenser: 55/50
Flask Capacity (mL): 500
Joints Flask: 24/40