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Long-Tip Pipet,13-1/4"OAL,Bx/100 for 7",8",9" Tubes
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803A $83.70  

Use our Long-Tip Sample Transfer Pipets for easy addition or removal of liquid samples from the longest NMR and EPR sample tubes, volumetric flasks with long, narrow necks and chromatography columns.

Wilmad-LabGlass manufactures NMR glass pipets for easy samples loading. Packaged conveniently in packs of 100. 

Key Features:

  • Long tip designed to reach the bottom of 5 mm OD tube
  • Smooth surface minimizes the sample loss
  • High quality ASTM Type 1 Class A glass is resistant to most organic solvent
  • Transparent body provides easy control on sample loading
  • Free of organic compound contamination

Description: 13 1/2" (+/- 1/4") OAL, Long-Tip for 5mm or larger OD and 7", 8'" and 9" tubes, 250mm L EPR tubes, flasks with long narrow necks and chromatography columns.
Pack of:: 100
Long-Tip Pipets Latex Pipet Bulb

L = Length / OAL = Overall Length