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Short Pasteur Pipet, 5" Tip, Bx/100
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802 $29.27  

Use our Long-Tip Sample Transfer Pipets for easy addition or removal of liquid samples from the longest NMR and EPR sample tubes, volumetric flasks with long, narrow necks and chromatography columns.

Pipets - Manufactured By Wilmad-LabGlass

Use our NMR pipets for your EPR work as well for easy addition or removal of liquid samples from your EPR sample tube.

Economical - compared to replacing EPR tubes broken using the wrong tools.

Designed to reach the bottom of the longest EPR sample tube.

Packaged conveniently in packs of 100.

Two sizes are available to accommodate your tube length.

**Don't forget to order your latex rubber pipet bulbs (804). Note: Not recommended for heavy-walled NMR tubes.

Additional Pipets and Accessories

Description: Pasteur Pipets
Package Quantity: 100
Long-Tip Pipets Latex Pipet Bulb

L = Length / OAL = Overall Length