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17 mm FEP Tube for Benchtop NMR, 8"L
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6018-BTNMR $60.95  

With the rapid growth of Benchtop NMR spectrometers, serving in many industries for cost efficient measurement of proton-bearing subjects (e.g. rock, water, oil and fat), Wilmad-LabGlass announces corresponding consumables to meet this rising demand.

As 1H is the target of interest, these items are manufactured from FEP with the highest purity in the industry. Compared to traditional borosilicate glass products our FEP tubing possesses the following advantages:

1. Literally unbreakable
2. Better resistance to corrosive chemicals including HF acid
3. Cheaper price
4. 100% contamination-free for 1H background
5. Lower dielectric constant than borosilicate glass (2.0 vs 5.8) for radio frequency electromagnetic wave.
6. Zero diamagnetic material content, whereas borosilicate glass (especially N51A) has >10 ppm (weight/weight) Fe2O3.

Features 5 and 6 both contribute to the reduction of energy loss for R f irradiation and improvement of the overall R f coil quality factor.

Each tube is supplied with a reusable cap.

Compatible Spectrometer: Oxford Instruments*
MHz: 23
OD (mm): 17
Wall Thickness (mm): 0.76
Length (inches): 8

*Oxford Instruments' Benchtop spectrometers include
GeoSpec, MARAN Ultra, MARAN-DI and MQC.

Bruker® Minispec users please contact us for TD-NMR tubes in other sizes.