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Std RotoVap, Single Vapor Duct, 2Pc Dry Ice, 5L Bath
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WG-EV311-2E-PLUS $3,178.51  
Wilmad-LabGlass provides a safe, easy, efficient and cost-effective green solution for general liquid distillation in the laboratory. Choose Julabo chiller to go even greener. Each unit comes with an evaporating flask with 29/32 joint. If a glassware setup with 24/40 joint is preferred, please specify in the Note at the order confirmation page.

Key Features:
  • Automatic Evaporating Flask Lift-out Mechanism
  • Digital Speed Control
  • Heavy Duty Brushless Motor
  • 5L Stainless Steel Heating Bath
  • Automatic Bath Shuf-off Mechanism
  • Plastic Safety Coating available
  • Comply with IP20 protection standard DIN EN 60529

The PLUS series rotary evaporator has the following additional key features:

  • One Piece Vapor Duct prevents sample cross-contamination
  • Digital PID controlled heating bath with ±0.1˚C accuracy
  • Easy Lift Heating Bath Handle

Type of cooling: 2-piece dry ice condenser, non-coated
Motor principle: DC
Speed range [1/min]: 20-240
Lifting: Motor
Tilted Angle: 0-60˚
Heating temperature range [˚C]: room temp. - 180
Heat output [W]: 1300
Temperature control accuracy[±K]: 0.1
Bath volume max. [L]: 5
Vacuum controller integrated: No
Voltage [V]: 120
Motor Power [W]: 40
Protection class [DIN ED60529]: IP20
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm]: 240x692x380
Weight [kg]: 23
WG-EV311 series rotary evaporator comes with 1L Evaporating Flask and 1L Receiving Flask. Other glassware assembly configurations, such as different condensers and flasks, are available.